Yesterday was a perfect example of CERT training in action. 

I was leaving Walmart, crossing Rt. 62 on Avalon and saw a girl being carried to the side of Avalon road, I saw she was shaking. So, I pulled my car over, grabbed my CERT blanket and addressed her as we were taught, I wrapped her gently and asked her a few questions to check her focus and instructed her concerned young companions to call 911 and her family. Then asked if anyone who witnessed the situation to remain and talk to the police but, not to discuss it among themselves.

She was now crying and in  a lot of pain, it was evident that the pain was coming from her left hip and  I noticed her knee and ankle were facing in different directions, She said “I hit my head on the vehicles hood.” Remaining  calm, and keeping my attention on her, I kept her alert and warm. I examined her other leg and arms which helped to keep her alert and me focused.

An ambulance arrived, then a second one, two sheriff cars, another ambulance and a third sheriff car. 


As they came to help I moved aside and thought it was a very small thing I did but I was glad I could help her. Then the sheriff yelled out anyone who didn't witness the actual hit, go!... 

 As I was leaving I heard her companion state she had a brain tumor and was being treated for it. 

Now, my personal feelings went else where and I started to prayed for her recovery. 

So, no matter how big or seemingly small a smile is, with a touch of training  so you can remain calm and give warmth can certainly help.

Thanks to my Cert leaders who trained us in '13, Mike Snow & Carl.

Mike,your strong leadership and wealth of information has been so valuable to me, Thank you. I will never forget the  time spent in CERT Class and what I'm able to carry with me daily.

Your truly,

Elyzabeth Ryce Turvey

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